Shaan: Biography, Facts & Life Story

He was born on September 20, 1972, and you had told the family that he would become proud in the future. And his name was Santanu Mukherjee and later this boy became a great singer Shaan, sometimes came as a host in reality shows and sometimes came as a judge.

His smile won everyone’s heart on TV and the sweetness of his voice won him many awards in Bollywood. Shaan’s father Maharaj Mukherjee Darshal lived in the city of Kolkata, where he was also doing a good job as a music director and singer. He had worked and sung with the well-known legendary composer Salem Choudhary of that era.

And when his father brought Shaan to Mumbai, then the struggle here turned out to be very difficult and there was no work available here. Shaan was born in Mumbai and had a family in music, music ran in his veins. But the tragedy happened when Shaan was only 14 years old and his elder sister Sagarika was only 16 years old when his father passed away.

And his mother Sonali Mukherjee somehow showed courage and went on a stage show tour with Amitabh Ji. His mother also used to go there to sing and in this way, the expenses of his house were met. Shaan grew up in Mumbai’s Bandra area, where he was influenced by the Catholic culture at home.

He heard rock in English, listened to pop and when he came to high school, somewhere RD Burman’s tunes made him aware. Then Mehandi Hashan, Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh Saheb’s voice, and Ghazals attracted Shaan so much that he simply bowed down to the music.

And his sister Sagarika together with him made an album named “Q Funk” After that they made remix album and RD Burman’s songs were named. And “Roop Inka Mastana” from that album was just the way the brother and sister duo shone. Two albums came “Love on Loli” and “Tanha Dil”, both these albums gave Shaan so much comfort that after that Shaan did not look back.

Shaan continued to get breaks in Bollywood as well and his fortunes rose after becoming the host of the reality show Saare Gama Paa. Music albums, TV hosts, and playback singing were played everywhere by Shaan. And singing songs for the biggest heroes, be it, Aamir Khan or Ranbir Kapoor, he also received the Best Male Playback Singer Award for the film “3 Idiots”.

And for “Saawariya” and “Fanaa” Shaan’s career was on the rise when he met Radhika when he was 24 and Radhika was 18. And both of them met their eyes in this party and then kept meeting each other in the coming party.

And one day Shaan went down on his knees and asked Radhika will you marry me. And when Shaan arrived to meet Radhika’s family, he was wearing silver-colored pants and a very dhinchak shirt. Radhika’s parents were a little nervous but after that, Shaan and Radhika got married.

And two children were also born from this marriage, from that time till the moon till the rain, John’s pride blossomed. Shaan apna woh bahut different kya rahe hai but now he cannot do an album like “Luv U Loji”. Because they have two sons and they are growing up.

Sons Soham Mukherjee and Shubh Mukherjee definitely emerged as the glory of melodious songs in Badalte Dor Mein. I hope that friends, you must have liked this story of Shaan, then you must share it with your friends.

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