Lata Mangeshkar: Biography, Facts & Life Story

Today in this blog we will talk about such a great personality who has made a mark not only in India but in every corner of the world on the basis of his melodious voice. And because of her talent, she is also known by many different names like Queen of Melody, Voice of the Nation, and Voice of the Millennium.

Yes friends, today in this blog we are talking about Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar, who ruled the hearts of people with her songs, whose songs we all must have heard. Although we know Lata ji as a singer, very few people know the secret behind her life story and success.

So friends, in today’s blog also, Lata ji, who is counted in the list of Most Popular Singers of All Time, will know the whole life story. How a girl born in a common family became the voice of the whole country.

So, friends, this story begins on 28 December 1929 when Lata Mangeshkar was born in the Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. His father’s name was Deenanath Mangeshkar, he was also a singer and theater actor. And his mother’s name was Shevanti Mangeshkar and his friend, Lata Mangeshkar was initially named Hema.

But later her father named her Lata after Latika, a character in a play. When Lata was 5 years old, she started working as an actress for a musical play. And in his childhood, he also started practicing singing from the time of school.

Even she used to learn to sing from her father at home and then went to school and taught it to the children as well. But one day the teacher at the school reprimanded him for this. And since then Lata Mangeshkar stopped going to school and often from a very young age, Lata used to catch the mistakes of her father’s disciples and tell them the right tone.

And after seeing everything here, his father realized that the night of one is in his house. And he started giving good training to Lata ji. However, when Lata Mangeshkar was 13 years old, her father died due to heart disease. And at this time, a mountain of sorrow broke down the whole family.

And then after the death of Pandit Dinanath, the responsibility of the house also fell on Lata. Because she was the eldest of your siblings and then in these crisis situations Master Vinayak, a very close friend of Lata’s father, helped her himself.

And he only helped Lata to start her career as a singer. And for the first time, Lata ji sang for a Marathi film, but unfortunately, this song could not make it to the final cut. Still, Lata Mangeshkar did not get disheartened and continued her practice.

And then for the first time in 1942, one of his songs was heard in a Marathi film named “Pehli Mangeshkar”. And then in the very next year 1942, a Hindi song was also sung, whose lyrics were “Mata Ek Saput Ki Duniya Badal De Tu”.

And then when Lata ji started feeling that she could be very successful in this field, then in 1945 she completely shifted to Mumbai. And since coming here, he took music lessons from Ustad Aman Ali Khan to further improve his skills.

However, in the meantime, her biggest associate Master Vinayak died and further, Ghulam Haider worked for Lata on the basis of a mentor. And then it was Ghulam Haider who introduced Lata to a producer named Sashadhar Mukherjee.

Lata ji’s voice was rejected by saying that she sings very thin and Ghulam Haider ji was very angry with this reaction. And told him angrily that in the coming years, producers and directors will fall at the feet of Lata and beg her to sing in your films.

And then Lata ji got the biggest success of her life so far in the year 1948 when she sang a song in the movie “Majboor”. Whose lyrics were “Dil mera toda mujhe kahi ka na chhoda” and this song proved to be a huge hit all over India.

And literally, every music director started dreaming of working with him. And then later, Lata ji worked with big music directors like Shankar Jai Kishan, Navsad Ali, R.D. Varman, Amarnath, Hasan Lal, and Bhagatram.

And very soon you made a different place in the hearts of people with your voice. However, along with success, Lata ji’s enemies had also increased a lot. And so in 1962, after his health deteriorated, it was found that someone was giving him poison in small amounts. And then after a thorough investigation, it was found that the man was none other than their cook.

And it is said that after listening to this song, tears came to the eyes of all the people sitting there. And then later, for the contribution of Lata ji in the music world, many highest honors like Padma Shri, Dadasaheb Phalke, Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavna Award, and Bharat Ratna have also been received.

Now all these awards are attributed to you and tell the success story of Lata ji. But friends, I would like to say that Lata Mangeshkar is that woman of India of whom we all are proud, and especially her voice gives us a different comfort. And she is almost 90 years old, so we always wish her good health. I hope that you must have liked this story of Lata ji, then you must share it with your friends.

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