Justin Biber: Biography, Facts & Life Story

Friends, today I am going to talk about one of the most successful singers in the world, Justin Bieber of Canada, who has broken many world records with amazing singing talent at a young age, friends, you can guess his success from the fact that he is only 23 years old.

And at the age of just 23, he won many awards like a Grammy Award, 8 MTV Awards, and 13 Bollywood Music Awards.

Apart from this, in today’s time, more than 100 million people flow on Twitter. And if we talk about his Facebook page, there are more than 8 crore likes here and all his albums become hits in the world as soon as they are released.

But friends, the YouTube platform also has a big hand behind such a big star success, which you will know in full detail in this blog.

But before that let’s know about this Canadian star from the beginning. Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in the Ontario city of London. His mother’s name is Patty Melt and his father’s name is Jeremy Bieber and never married to each other.

And only at the age of 12, he participated in Street Ford’s local singing where Justin sang America Singer Ne-Yo-To-So-Sik. And his singing in this competition was tremendous that he became the second winner by beating a bigger competitor than himself.

And then gradually he started becoming famous in his area for his singing. After this, he started performing in many stage shows as well. His mother used to record his performance of Justin on camera and upload it on YouTube to show to her friends and family.

But soon the songs sung by him became very popular all over the country. And at the same time, Scooter Brown was looking for a singer for one of his albums.

That’s when he saw Justin’s Gaya Hua song on YouTube and was very impressed with the voice of this little kid. After this, he spoke to Justin’s mother by phone at his house.

And expressed the desire to sing with Justin on an album, Petrie was going crazy with happiness since yesterday but she was not sure at all, she thought that this Cole was probably Fraud Cole and she confirmed again and came to know that Brown really wanted Justin to sing on his album. Justin Drew then went to the city of Atlanta, Georgia to record the tape.

In the midst of recording Justin’s debut album, his first single, “One Time”, was released to a radio station in 2009, and the song broke all records within a week of its release. and peaked at number twelve on the Top 100 Songs of Canada.

The song was certified Platinum in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Gold in the US. On March 19, 2010, Justin’s debut full studio album May Word 2.0 was released. Many of whose songs made it to the Billboard Top 100, and the album “Baby Song” became a worldwide hit.

That’s why Justin Bieber never looked back and he kept on making big world records during his playing days. Gaya Hua Baby by Justin was the most-viewed song on YouTube for many years.

But after the arrival of Gangnam Style, this song has now slipped to number two. Justin was given the Grammy Award for Best Dance 2016 for Where Are You Know Songs.

Apart from this, he has won the MTV Europe Music Award 8 times, so tell friends, this time Justin Bieber came to India for the first time in India. So friends, I hope that you must have liked this story of Justin Bieber, then you must share it with your friends.

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