Happu Singh: Biography, Facts & Life Story

Friends, today I am going to talk in this blog about Happu Singh, whose real name is Yogesh Tripathi, who plays the role of a police officer in NTV’s famous comedy serial Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai.

Happu Singh has convinced all the viewers with his Bundelkhandi style in this serial. And day after day, some Bundelkhandi words spoken by them like kuya and children are seen climbing on the jawans of people all over the country.

Because in Uttar Pradesh, many infiltrators and lazy inspectors like him will be found. And because the character played by him is based on reality, he is getting full love and support from the audience as well.

But do you know that Happu Singh, who plays the character of Alsi Daroga, has reached here at the cost of a lot of hard work and struggles in real life?

So friends, in this blog, we know the life of Happu Singh i.e. Yogesh Tripathi from the beginning. Yogesh was born on 13 August 1979 in a place named Rath in Uttar Pradesh.

And his father was a physics lecturer and wanted from the beginning that his sons and daughters should also become lecturers in the future. That’s why there was only one rule for all the children.

Going to Lucknow, graduating with B.Sc, and then doing teaching job. But Yogesh’s interest was completely different.

From the very beginning, he wanted to pursue a career in acting, so at the behest of his father, he went to Lucknow and took admission to B.Sc.

But I didn’t feel like studying at all. And he went there and started participating in small plays.

On the other hand, his brother and sister got teaching jobs after completing B.Sc. Later Yogesh also came to Mumbai during college to try himself with his friend.

Where he had to spend many nights at the railway station due to lack of money. And after giving a few auditions, I realized that he still has a lot to learn.

So he again came back to Lucknow. After coming back to Lucknow, he lied to his family members and joined the theatre.

If someone asks, he had gone for coaching class and he told in an interview that he did not want to lie to his family members.

But what should I do to keep my grief alive, I had to do this. Because if I had taken permission from my father, he would never have said yes.

There was another reason behind this at that time people like us used to call acting or any cultural program Notanki.

Although you could not hide anything from your family members for a long time, but one day Yogesh’s father saw his photo in the newspaper.

And then all the truth came in front of them, however, after being angry for a few days, they also agreed to the happiness of your child.

And after completing his B.Sc, Yogesh attended some workshops of NSD, and then in 2015 he again came to Mumbai.

Where he stumbled door to door for about a year, but he never got any work. Finally, in 2005, he got to advertise Happident for the first time.

And yes, you must have seen this advertisement, which is lit by your teeth. And after that advertisement, life started rolling back on track.

Because later he worked in about 48 other small and big commercials, and only then the director of FIR recognized his talent.

And given a chance to work in FIR serial. Where Yogesh did the work of about 160 different characters.

But even then no special identity of him could be found among the people. Despite this, Yogesh kept giving his hundred percent and this was the reason that in 2015 he finally got that role through the serial Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai.

Due to this, his identity could be made among the people, in this serial, he won the hearts of everyone with different types of acting and Budelkhandi dialect.

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