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Friends, today I am going to talk in this blog about one of the biggest music composers of India, Allah Rakha Rahman, who won two Grammy Awards, and two Academy Awards and was made known in the world, whom we call AR Rahman.

AR Rahman is an Indian composer, singer, songwriter, music producer, and music composer. Music has also been given in many other languages ​​like Hindi, Urdu, and Tamil. But friends, do you know that AR Rahman’s name was AS Dilip Kumar, his father died at a very young age, after which a mountain of troubles fell upon him.

He had to run the expenses of the house by renting musical instruments, perhaps you do not even know these things. So, friends, we know from the beginning the entire life journey of AR Rahman, the great music singer who has brought laurels to this country.

So friends, the beginning of this story from 6 January 1967 when A.R. Rahman was born. Father’s name was RK Shekhar, he was a music composer for Tamil and Malayalam films. And his mother’s name was Karima Begum, and now AR Rahman’s father was associated with the music industry, so he also got interested in music.

And he also used to play the keyboard for his father and the sad moment in his life came when he lost his father at the age of 9 and faced poverty after his father’s death. You even started renting your father’s instruments to him to meet the household expenses.

And at the same time, he earned some money by working in some bands, and later on, Rahman had his own band named “Nemesis Avenue” along with some people. Rahman was very talented since childhood, he was an expert in playing musical instruments like keyboard, piano, harmonium, and guitar.

And the most interesting of it was in Syn Thaizar because it was the best combination of music and technology Rahman did his music training from Master Dhanraj and when he was only 11 years old he started working as a composer in Malayalam films. Did.

Along with this, he used to work with MK Arjunanan Arkesta, a very close friend of his father. And very soon he started working with famous music composers like MS Vishwanath, Ramesh Naidu, and Raj Koti. And looking at his talent, he also got a scholarship to study music from Trinity College London.

And then later, while studying in Madras, Rahman also graduated with a diploma in Western Classical Music. Friends, although AR Rahman was known by the name of AS Dilip Kumar till 1989. But in 1989, due to some reason, he joined Islam along with his entire family.

And he changed his name to AR Rahman i.e. Allahrakha. Rahman started his career by composing music for AIDS and documentaries. And in the year 1992, Mani Duttam also offered to compose music for the film “Roja”, and Rahman also agreed to it.

And the music given in this film won the National Film Award “Silver Lotus Award” for Best Music Director. And in 1992, AR Rahman, who was very fond of technology, built the music studio “Panchtan Record Inn” behind your house. Which was not only India but also one of the most high-tech studios in Asia.

Friends AR Rahman’s way of composing music was completely different from Oro’s. Perhaps people also liked this thing and he became everyone’s favorite music composer. Later, Rahman left his magic music mark in Tamil films like Bombay, The Urban Kadhalan, Thirudha Thirudha, and Gentlemen.

And then in 1995, films like Indira, Mr. Romeo, and Love Birds increased his popularity. Also in the same year, he tied the knot with Saira Banu.

And AR Rahman made his Bollywood debut in 1995 with the film “Rangeela”. Then gave music in many films like Dil Se, Lagan, Fiza, and Dawood. But the 2008 film “Slum Dog Millionaire” changed his life.

The film won a Golden Globe Award and two Academy Awards for its excellent music. And became the first Asian to win this award, and then the very next year he composed music for the Hollywood film “Couples Retreat”.

And in the first Hollywood film, he also won the BMI London for Best Score. Further, he made himself a distinct identity by composing music for films like Swadesh, Rang De Basanti, Jodha Akbar, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Ek Deewana Tha, Jab Tak Hai Jan, and Ek Actor.

And friends, apart from this, AR Rahman continued to give music in many South Indian films. Talking about AR Rahman’s personal life, I have already told you that he married Saira Banu in 1995 and Rahman has three children from her. AR Rahman, who gave Rahima, Amin, and Khatija Apna most of the time to the music, also did a lot of work for humanity.

She has worked with organizations such as Stop TV Partnership and Save the Children. Also, he has won many awards because of his magical music. For example, in addition to four National Awards, Tamil Nadu State Films, fifteen Filmfare Awards and 16 South Filmfare Awards, the Government of India has also been honored with the Padma Shri for the excellent work done in the music field.

And if it is said in the aggregate, then AR Rahman is not only the biggest music composer in India but has also increased the pride of this country. So, friends, I hope that you keep entertaining us with this wonderful music of yours.

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