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Friends, you must know Amit Shah who is called the Chanakya of Indian politics very well. And Amit Shah is currently holding the post of Home Minister of India in Narendra Modi’s cabinet. And in the last few years, Amit Shah has played an important role in making BJP the biggest party.

Even in today’s time, BJP has said that whether it is center or state, Bharatiya Janata Party is dominant everywhere and friends, today it is touching heights, so Amit Shah, who is called Chanakya of politics, also has a big hand in this party.

And friends, Amit Shah has played the most important role in removing Article 370 and Article 35A from Jammu and Kashmir. And once again because of the excellent management, it is being praised in every way.

And this decision is also worthy of praise because, after the removal of this stream, the development of Jammu and Kashmir will be more than before.

But let us know today in this blog that while traveling in this way, Amit Shah achieved this position in politics, so friends, this story begins on October 22, 1964, when Amit Shah was born in the city of dreams, Mumbai. And his father’s name is Anil Chandra Shah he used to do PBC business in Mansa City of Gujarat.

And Amit Shah’s mother’s name is Kusumben Shah and his friends mean Amit Shah was born in Mumbai but being a Gujarati, he grew up in Gujarat only. He did his early studies at a school in Mehsana City and then went on to study Bio-Chemistry at Q Shah Science College.

And friends, it was only in college that Amit Shah got involved in politics for the first time. While still in college, he became a Swayam Sevak from the RSS. However, after completing his college studies, he helped his father’s business for a while. Also, he worked as a stockbroker for some time.

After this, he started becoming active in politics, and then in the year 1982, Amit Shah met Narendra Modi for the first time. And at that time Narendra Modi was also said to be a pracharak of RSS. And then later, after starting politics at Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, Amit Shah joined BJP in 1987.

And friends, the interesting thing is that Amit Shah had joined the party a year before Narendra Modi. And then after joining the party, Amit Shah started Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha which is the youth wing of BJP. Started from here but in a very short time due to his mind and hard work, he kept moving forward.

And then under Yuva Morcha, they kept working in different posts like Ward Secretary, Taluka Secretary, State Secretary, Voice Secretary, and General Secretary. And then in the 1991 Lok Sabha elections, Amit Shah came into the limelight for the first time while managing Lal Krishna Advani’s election campaign.

And then for the first time in 1995, BJP formed the government in Gujarat, at that time the Congress of Gujarat was very powerful. And friends, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah together did a wonderful job in this election.

And it was because of the brains of these two that for the first time the BJP party won the elections in Gujarat. And then, while doing great work in the party, Amit Shah also got a chance to contest the election as an MLA.

And it is said that Narendra Modi also recommended giving tickets to Amit Shah. And in this way, at that time the friendship between Modi and Amit Shah began to rise.

And this election was also done in his name and then later in 1999, Amit Shah was made the President of Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank. And the very interesting thing is that the bank was running at a loss at that time but after Amit Shah became the president, it became profitable in one year.

And then in 2011 when Kesu Bhai Patel was removed and Narendra Modi was made the CM of Gujarat. Then Amit Shah also handled different ministries of the cabinet and friends, there was a time when he used to handle 12 ministries alone.

And then in the same way Amit Shah went on playing an important role in the BJP party. And then in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Amit Shah also played an important role in knowing Narendra Modi. And in the same year, the national president of the BJP was also made.

And friends, from here the Bharatiya Janata Party under the leadership of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi has never looked back. Because after 2014, in 2019 also BJP won unilaterally.

And this time Amit Shah was given the Home Ministry. And friends, within just three months of becoming the Home Minister, Amit Shah also took steps like abolishing Article 370 on time.

And in this way, he proved that he is not called Chanakya of Indian politics for no reason. And friends, I hope that Amit Shah will continue to take decisions in the interest of the country in the same way. Because he will play an important role in taking the country to new heights.

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